New York Nanny State telling kids what kind of games they can’t play

Posted on: April 19, 2011

You remember when you were a kid, a good game of Dodge Ball or Red Rover Red Rover, Freeze Tag was also a big hit or even a “safe” Wiffle Ball” game were fun games to play during the summer months. But now the bureaucrats from New York have deemed these kids games as “dangerous.”

These bureaucrats say that any indoor or outdoor recreational program that offers two or more organized activities, including one that falls on the “risky list” determined by state officials, will be considered a summer camp under the new rules and subject to the associated regulations. What this means is that if one of the “fun” kids’ games mentioned above is being offered by a summer camp program, they are required to pay a $200 fee to register as summer camps and also have medical staff available.

However, a Health Department spokesperson says that the “risky list” is merely a set of guidelines for recreational programs and not all outfits that offer one of the activities on the list will require hiring medical staff.  The spokesperson claims that there is “flexibility” in how the law is implemented. However, even mentioning these games sounds outrageous to me.

No wonder our kids are fat!

Do these bureaucrats expect our kids to sit around all day and do nothing? Do they expect our kids to be “lumps on a log” and not move around just because they may get hurt? Playing these types of games encourages kids to move and to think – you know how to figure out how not to get hit by a ball or not be tagged. This gives some excellent real world experiences.

One mother even said that kids these days are kinda brutal so she can see those games being dangerous. Now I call that “good” parenting skills for this mom don’t you? Whatever happened to letting kids just being kids? Letting them learn cooperation and fair play. Kids may get hurt but most of the time they won’t break. Come on people, use some common sense with this and not allow a Nanny State to tell us how to raise our kids.


2 Responses to "New York Nanny State telling kids what kind of games they can’t play"

Just another example of Obama overreach in to our lives. Fortunately due to withering criticism they withdrew their new guidelines
Blessing on you and yours
John Wilder

[…] New York State has decided NOT to stop kids from playing “risky” games such as Dodge Ball or Red Rover Red Rover, Freeze Tag, and Wiffle Ball.” Officials must have […]

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