Obama and his problems with facts

Posted on: April 19, 2011

A recent article on HotAir has uncovered one more problem that President Obama has with facts. At a recent town hall meeting, Obama kept mentioning “potholes” on roads, but unless he’s referring to interstate highways, the federal government doesn’t fix potholes. There is no Department of Pothole fixing as a government agency. Local and state workers are used to fix the problem and they use local and state taxes for funds. Sure they can get a Federal grant to fix pot holes, but the bulk of the money comes from local and state taxes.

Then there is a big problem with his version of the St. Anthony Falls Bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis back in August 2007. The collapse had nothing to do with infrastructure spending.

According to Ed Morrissey’s article, the bridge collapse occurred because of a design defect, a conclusion reached by the National Transportation Safety Board. The bridge was designed and built in an era when architects thought that redundant systems were both unnecessary and inefficient.  Gusset plates installed at the time of the bridge’s building were too thin, and without any redundancy to account for a major failure on a single point, it was a tragedy waiting to happen from day 1. It had nothing to do with any lack of maintenance, and in fact collapsed because of scheduled maintenance to the deck that inadvertently destabilized it to the point of collapse.

Mr. Morrissey goes on to say, “It’s dishonest in the extreme to use this tragedy as an argument that we neglected our infrastructure, and ghoulish to use the dead for a false political point. Obama should be ashamed of himself. While experts say America’s aging infrastructure is a significant problem, the bridge collapse in Minnesota, which killed 13 people, was found to have been caused primarily by a design flaw.”

Once again, who writes this stuff for the President or is he freewheeling at this event. Even so, wouldn’t you think he would get the facts straight before he talks about an issue? Or maybe not.


5 Responses to "Obama and his problems with facts"

Why let facts get in the way of good propaganda. He has lied about so much else, surely you don’t expect him to start telling the truth now when he is working on getting reelected?

John Wilder

This is classic Alinsky.

Some are acting like this is Obama’s first lie. He has done nothing but lie to the American people, including one lie after another on the healthcare bill.

It is nice, I guess, that the media finally spotted a lie, but not impressive that it took over 2 years.

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1.) States fix potholes with Federal transfer money.

2.) States rebuild bridges with Federal stimulus money.

3.) The 35I bridge problem was known years beforehand, yet it was not fixed. This is an infrastructure maintenance problem.

QED, you doctrinal contortionists.


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