The Results Show – Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: April 20, 2011

Despite Len Goodman’s objection that if Petra would be voted off there is not justice; Petra was the next star leaving Dancing with the Stars. She did have some nice performances but she wasn’t very good as a dancer. She struggled through a lot of the routines and really didn’t have very much musicality. Besides, the show is coming closer to the semi-finals and finals and somebody has to go.

Toby Keith’s performance last night was great. But he did seem rather confused to see his songs being interpretively danced. His first song was “Should have been a Cowboy” and his last song “American Soldier” was very inspiring. Nice touch that they had groups of military people seated around them.

I didn’t like the Macy’s Star of Dance with the “top choreographer” featured. It was Hip Hop dancing and I don’t care for hip-hop. Sure you need stamina and rhythm for this but it just isn’t my cup of tea as Len would say.

All night long I was trying to figure out what color dress Brooke Burke was wearing. Was it mauve, light beige or champagne? Whatever color it was it was gorgeous and she looked great. Maybe the wardrobe person came back from vacation for this show.

Next week the theme oddity continues with “Guilty Pleasures Week.” They explained the songs and dances will show true love is afraid to admit to true love – huh? Let’s just have ballroom dances with great music to dance to and stop this silliness of themes. Gosh I’m starting to sound like Len Goodman now!

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