What’s that stinky smell in Boulder, Colorado?

Posted on: April 20, 2011

I don’t know when this “tradition” started but it seems like every new student that attends University of Colorado (CU) in Boulder, Colorado learns quickly that April 20th is the day of the “Smoke Out.”

Known as 4/20, students at CU consider this a major holiday for those who smoke marijuana. CU officials expect about 10,000 pot smokers to light up and of course police will be there to arrest anyone smoking more than two ounces of marijuana or even issue tickets. The problem is that they all gather in one public place to smoke their pot, so the obnoxious stench of weed waifs over the area.

CU officials state that this isn’t a sanctioned university activity but what can they do with so many people smoking pot? Last year, seven students were ticketed during the event and the university says that some student could be expelled if they get out of hand. Some people consider this activity as a protest and other people see it as an excuse to smoke a joint in public. Colorado approved “medical marijuana” smoking so why are they still using this day as an excuse to protest?

No wonder Playboy Magazine named CU the number one party school in America. Playboy cited the 4/20 Smoke Out as one of CU’s charms. How charming it is watching people smoking joints and acting stupid.


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