Another day of infamy for Columbine

Posted on: April 21, 2011

Twelve years ago a horrific story about two students shooting and killing twelve students and one teacher was the news on national T.V. A small sleepy town southwest of Denver will forever be known as the “Columbine” killings town. This is very personal to me because our family lived not more than a mile and half from the high school and our sons graduated from the school several years before this tragedy happened.

Now we have another incident that everyone is talking about. The nut job who decided to get up one morning and place two propane tanks and a pipe bomb in a shopping mall about two miles from the high school on the anniversary of “Columbine.”

The FBI and local police are looking for “a person of interest”. He is described as a white man with graying hair and a gray mustache. He was last seen wearing a dark-colored cap, a striped shirt, a dark jacket with silver buttons and blue jeans. He was carrying a plastic bag from a nearby Target store filled with “something.” Could it be the propane bottles and a pipe bomb?

I’ve been to that mall thousands of times and know that the door he entered was not a public doorway but probably where employees of the mall would enter. Luckily, there were surveillance cameras and captured the man on tape.

Why? Why would anyone create this type of terrorism? Why would they pick a mall on the anniversary of “Columbine” to do their evil work?

Yes, the FBI is calling this “domestic terrorism.” Because the FBI is involved, any suspect arrested in connection with the case will face federal charges. Well that makes me feel better but not safe. What if this man’s evil plan was successful? How many lives would he have taken? The mall sees about 6,000 to 10,000 people a day. And why did he choose this mall in close proximity of the high school? Hasn’t this area had enough tragedy during its lifetime?

When they find this guy, I hope all of my questions will be answered.


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