Drug and Human Trafficking ring busted in southern Colorado

Posted on: April 21, 2011

After a year-long investigation by federal, state and local authorities resulted in the breakup of a major drug ring that ran through Colorado Springs, Colorado. This city is the second most populated city in Colorado and with this drug bust has put a dent in illegal drug trafficking pipeline.

The drug ring funneled high-quality methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin from California through Las Vegas and Arizona to Colorado Springs and Pueblo areas. Human smuggling was part of this as well with people being moved into several areas of the U.S.

Twelve illegals were arrested and the following amounts of items were confiscated:

•38 lbs of high grade methamphetamine

•13 kilograms of cocaine

•a small amount of heroin

•$610,000 in cash

•4 vehicles

•1 handgun

In addition, fifteen of the 26 people indicted have been arrested. If convicted they could face ten years to life in prison


2 Responses to "Drug and Human Trafficking ring busted in southern Colorado"

Just wait the attorney general will order the charges dismissed and the illegals freed from jail.

John Wilder

I hope not, getting drug and human traffickers off the streets is very important. I just hope that ICE doesn’t set them free!

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