Was Bill O’Reilly drinking the Kool Aide last night?

Posted on: April 21, 2011

Last night while watching Bill O’Reilly show on Fox, I could have sworn he was drinking the Kool Aide while interviewing Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary. Just before her interview began, Bill showed a clip from an Arizona rancher who was testifying before Congress about the problems he and his family and friends were experiencing along the border.

This poor man said that he and his family were afraid all the time. He keeps a gun near his bed and on him at all times. He said that they can’t leave their farm for even a few hours without experiencing break-ins and robbery. He has had several break-ins and has been robbed in recent months. With this powerful testimony you would think Mr. Bill would have jumped all over Ms. Napolitano to find out what her department was going to do about it.

But no, Mr. Bill sipped on some Kool Aide and let Napolitano say that they are working on the problem and help is coming soon. At this point, I was waiting for Bill to say, “When? Next week, next month within a year? When Ms. Napolitano?”

But no, Mr. Bill continued to sip on the Kool Aide and moved on to another question. Then he gave her several more soft-ball questions by prefacing it all with how he knows that she understand the Arizona border because she was governor of Arizona. What a lovely time Mr. Bill and Ms. Napolitano had last night, sipping Kool Aide and chatting away.

I am truly disappointed in Bill O’Reilly. I tried to find the video of this interview, but couldn’t find one even on his web site. Is that because it was such a poor interview and he is ashamed to show it again? I think Dennis Miller felt the same way and seemed to make fun of the interview in his segment with Bill.

It seemed to me that he couldn’t wait to get the interview over so he could head-out for Easter weekend vacation. After all Bill O’Reilly is nothing but a simple man and only wants simple answers. That is what he exactly got from this interview – simple answers with no follow up to get to the bottom of all the gibberish Napolitano was spewing.

If you keep sipping the Kool Aide Mr. Bill, I’ll be watching another show during your time spot very soon.


1 Response to "Was Bill O’Reilly drinking the Kool Aide last night?"

Bill has gotten very soft on libs, just go back and watch his interview with POTUS. I am so disappointed with a lot of conservatives lately.

blessings on you and yours that you have not lost that fire in your belly. You are preaching to the choir with me but I love your posts

John Wilder

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