While gas prices rise Obama launches another task force

Posted on: April 22, 2011

As everyone knows, gas prices are rising so what does our President do? He launches another task force that is joining his deficit commission and other deficit commission to get to the bottom of why gas prices are rising. Anyone with half a brain could tell Mr. Obama that the rise in gas prices is due to his poor leadership to do something about it.

Ed Morrissey’s article on lays out some ideas of what Mr. Obama thinks is the cause – the role of traders and speculators (sounds like a Bill O’Reilly conspiracy theory to me). So while Rome is burning, Nero fiddles and lets someone else come up with answers. Mr. Morrissey also thinks that the White House believes the problem centers on waste, fraud and abuse which is a bunch of hooey!

Once again Obama is deflecting his responsibility as leader of this country. Remember when he appointed a deficit commission and didn’t even listen to their recommendations? Why would he do so now with another commission or task force?

This is no way to run a country by pushing the leadership on “commissions” or “task forces” and not taking the lead.

I believe there are at least two causes for high gas prices. First cause is the Administration discourages domestic production (and refining) of American crude.  This administration in particular has been more hostile than most to the domestic oil industry. Second cause is the value of the dollar dropping in the world market. The value of our dollar is falling and thus causing more of our dollars to buy gasoline as well as other commodities.

Whose fault is this -the current Administration because of its policies. There I’ve discovered the reasons and now Mr. President take the lead to solve the problem. That’s why we pay you the big bucks!


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THANK YOU for posting this! We’ve been blogging about this on Common Cents as well…

Common Cents

The number of workers will likely grow to around 20 by midsummer..The White House has set aside the resources to provide the equivalent of four full-time salaries and 500 000 in operating costs for the commission fiscal commission Executive Director Bruce Reed told Tax Analysts..The commission has as many as 15 employees two full-time for their work. Congress has allocated 500 000 in operating costs apart from the four full-time employees for the life of the panel which produces its report on December 1. That is about 50 000 per month to analyze the federal budget and develop proposals for cuts based on having an unpaid commission full of supposed experts in this field. I ran a call center of 45 people with a budget just over four times that much which included the salaries and a lot of costs that the Deficit Commission wont have to address such as phone lines rent capital depreciation and so on..This is a microcosm of the very problem that the commission is supposed to fix and the reaction from Washington pols is priceless for understanding it. The gripe from Harry Reid is that the staffing doesnt match that of Congressional panels such as the House Ways and Means Committee. That panel employs 90 staffers and spent over 8 million in FY2009. Ninety staffers equals more than 20 of the entire Congress. Maybe the problem isnt that the NCFRR doesnt have enough people but that Ways and Means spends way beyond our means. In fact the entire federal government spends way beyond our means and we can thank the Democrats who added over a trillion dollars in annual federal spending in just three short years for that increasing the budget by 40 during their control of Congress..Meanwhile lets just savor the irony of a deficit commission that couldnt get halfway to its goal without running its own deficits………………. ……Note from Hot Air management This section is for comments from Hot Airs community of registered readers.

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