Dancing with the Stars – Guilty Pleasures Week

Posted on: April 26, 2011

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars featured dances to songs that the stars secretly enjoy hearing. But once again they had to dance to a Samba, Paso Dobla, Waltz, Quick Step, or Tango. All the stars did really well but there were some slip ups.

Karina slipped on Ralph’s long coat while dancing and she fell pretty hard. But she jumped up and kept on dancing. The judges gave Ralph’s Paso Dobla a score of 24 and that’s being generous. I’m not excited about his dancing these last few weeks. It seems that besides the dance steps there are no actual performance from him. He seems deadpanned, his serious face seems more like a scared face to me!

No mishaps for Kirstie Alley’s Samba. She did really great and received a score of 26 from the judges. She looked more comfortable with this dance and it was the best dance for her so far.

Romeo’s Waltz was good but once again I didn’t get any emotion from him. However, Carrie Anne must have because she gave him a 10 and Len and Bruno gave him nines. Total score was 28.

Hines Ward’s Waltz was very good and he is doing very well with his performance and technique. He received a score of 27.

Chelsea Kane’s Quick Step was cute and bubbly and Carrie Anne must have been feeling very generous last night because she gave her a 10. Her total score was 28.

Unfortunately, Chris Jericho’s Tango was not good enough for the judges. I saw a real athleticism from him but the judged gave him a low score of 22.

Kendra Wilkinson’s Samba gave Bruno the most fun of the night. He was ready to throw money at her! I thought he was over the top with his reaction and his comments. Her performance was good and shaking all parts of her body but that’s about it. The judges gave her a score of 25.

Brooke Burke wore a long black sparkly dress with capped shoulders. She looked gorgeous again. Just a side note – it was Len’s birthday yesterday and I think he enjoyed himself with all the good dancing.

So who will be leaving? I’m afraid it may be Chris Jericho but I really think Ralph Macchio isn’t hitting the mark for this season’s dancing. He needs to leave the show before the final four in a couple of weeks. Also Kendra isn’t really a top contender, her days are numbered too.

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