State Medical Pot Regulators may face Federal sanctions

Posted on: April 28, 2011

For those of you, who think you can make a quick buck providing medical marijuana dispensaries, be aware that you may just face
Federal prosecution because smoking, growing and dispensing marijuana is still a federal crime.

Recently, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has warned state leaders that the U.S. Attorney does not focus its limited resources on seriously ill individuals using marijuana as part of a medically recommended treatment regimen but it will “vigorously prosecute individuals or organizations engaged in “unlawful manufacturing and distribution activities involving marijuana, even is such activities are permitted under state law.”

Colorado is just the one of the latest states to receive warnings from the federal government. In fact Federal agents recently raided
state sanctioned dispensaries in Montana, Michigan and California. In addition, the warning from the feds also includes state employees who conducted activities mandated by a state legislative proposals would not be immune from
liability under the (federal Controlled Substances Act). This means if state legislators approve any legislation contrary to Federal law, state employees may face federal sanctions against them.

This leaves many states between a rock and a hard place. What will they do about voter approved medical marijuana laws when state legislators may face these charges? Currently, Colorado has about 123,000 registered medical marijuana patients and dispensaries booming throughout the state per day.

Once again, no one thought out the consequences of legalizing medical marijuana use, growing and dispensing. Marijuana is still illegal and considered a Federal crime.


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