UPS store in resort town of Colorado is hot spot for marijuana shipping

Posted on: May 2, 2011

The Vail, Colorado UPS store has become a hot spot for marijuana shipments according to the SummitDaily. The owner of the store has been cooperating with local law enforcement to stop this type of practice. Unfortunately, police so far haven’t been able  to trace the marijuana back to medical marijuana dispensaries but they think that there is a connection.

Police theorize that someone is buying marijuana in Colorado legally and trying to ship it somewhere else where it isn’t legal. The Two Rivers Drug Enforcement Team, a Vail regional drug task force, has had some cases where the legal marijuana was traced back to a medical marijuana store.

The article tells the story of how the Vail UPS Store has been helpful in identifying suspicious behavior. The store has the right to  open suspicious packages for inspection.

“Most of the people that come in, it’s painfully obvious what they’re doing,” said Jim, the owner of the Vail UPS Store who asked for
his last name not to be published. “They walk in the door and look around a little bit, say they want to buy a box this big, and hold up their hands in the shape of a bag of weed. Then, after a quick trip out to the car, they come back in and continue to act suspicious, he said. We ask for their name, they say, ‘Well, why do you need that?”

Even with an ID, police find that when they try to investigate those people, addresses and names are wrong. Plus they usually pay
cash. As a result, the police haven’t been very successful in making arrests, but they are confiscating those drugs so they’re not getting to their final destinations.

Suspects have tried everything from peanut butter to coffee to incense in order to mask the smell of the marijuana; however, they’re often unsuccessful. They often ship the marijuana in Ziploc bags and then vacuum sealed, but even that doesn’t necessarily hide the scent. Marijuana shipping has always been a problem at the Vail UPS store, but this past season was “unusually busy.”

The owner of the store says that he can account for about 20 cases this winter alone, some of which included fairly large quantities of marijuana and marijuana baked goods such as cookies and candies which contain hashish.

Since medical marijuana has become legal, it’s become a much bigger problem in Vail and certainly more within the last two years..


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