7th week of Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: May 3, 2011

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars showcased two dance performances. One was a team dance Cha Cha Cha and the other was individual dance routines. With only 6 stars left it is coming apparent as to who is feeling the tension and stress.

Take for instance Kirstie Alley, she has the performance down but her technical ability is still in the toilet. Her Jive was cute but
not the best dance of the night. The judges gave her the lowest score of the night.

Kendra Wilkinson has come a long way. She looked terrific with her Tango. She may be the slow starter but may become a strong finisher.

Ralph Macchio and Hines Ward tied for the highest judges points. Ralph Quick Stepped to a good performance and Hines Ward Tangoed into a great score that included a 10 from Bruno.

Chelsea Kane was exceptional in her Paso Doble and still is a contender. But poor Romeo was awful in his Samba dance. The judges did not like his performance or technique and Romeo looked like a deer in headlights when the judges started their critique of his dance. I don’t think he was too happy with all the criticism he received. He really thinks he is an awesome dancer, but he really isn’t.

As for the Team dances the judges gave the stars the same exact scores but I preferred the “older” stars performance of the Cha Cha Cha. Kirstie Alley, Hines Ward and Kendra Wilkinson performed excellently.

Loved Brooke Burkes’ royal blue long dress she wore last night. This gave her lots of color and she looked gorgeous.

Who will be leaving tonight? For me it is a toss-up between Romeo and Kirstie. Kendra should stay one more week so we can see if she is really a contender.


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