Obama calls for unity in the wake of Bin Laden’s demise

Posted on: May 3, 2011

When President Obama told the American people and the world that Osama Bin Laden was killed, he immediately called for unity in the country. But what did he really mean by this? Does he want the same feeling we had on 9-11 when we were attacked? That we were a country of one with no division at all? Or that we stood behind George W. Bush and looked to him for leadership during those dark times?

I believe that Obama wants all Americans to look to him for leadership now. I don’t believe we can get totally behind Obama because of his divisive nature when it comes to the rich vs poor, Democrats vs Republicans, and his party’s hatred for the Tea Party.

When you were a kid your parents told you to play nice with each other. But when you saw your parents arguing you would wonder, why don’t they play nice with each other? This is the same idea that is floating around this country right now. If you are told to “unify” and when you see the politicians arguing and throwing divisive bombs at each other, well what are
you to do?

Unity comes from the “top down” not from the “bottom up.” Of course Obama doesn’t believe in this. He believes that it is do as I tell you and not as I do. That won’t cut it with the American people. We are not children but adults who are smarter than the present day politicians think we are.

Mr. President, start walking the walk and talking the talk before you ask us to unify behind you. We will follow good leaders who have our best interest not leaders who tell us what to do. We are very proud to be Americans and proud of our country in both good and bad times.

That’s what makes America great.


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