The Results Show – Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: May 4, 2011

For several weeks Kendra Wilkinson was a non-contender but her last few dances showed that she was a late bloomer and was into the competition to win it. Unfortunately, she was eliminated last night on Dancing with the Stars.

Too bad, she had potential and it seems that we have to agonize watching Kirstie Alley dance another week. Now I’m not saying that Kirstie is a bad dancer but she isn’t the best dancer out there. What I am saying is that she has lost her technique and sharpness in performing dances.

And what is all that giggling going on between her and Maks? Every time they show her, those two are giggling about something and acting like a bunch of middle school kids. It seems that Kirstie is on another planet and doesn’t know what is going on. Could it be drugs or alcohol?

Romeo once again had the deer in the headlights look last night during the elimination. But his fans kept him to dance another week.

Once again our gal Brooke Burke was wearing black. It was a pretty dress but come on, she needs color. Did someone die? Was she going to a funeral right after the show? Why dress her in black all the time?

Next week the stars will be performing two dances. The stars that are left to compete are: Ralph Macchio, Romeo, Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane and Kirstie Alley. The real contenders are Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane, all the others are just fluff to keep the show interesting.


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