Were dogs used in the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden?

Posted on: May 4, 2011

I don’t know if this is true, but according to The Sun, a UK report, a dog was involved in the mission to kill Osama Bin  Laden. According to the story, US Special Forces stormed the compound with a dog that was also a specialist.

The explosive-sniffing dog was strapped to an assault team member and lowered down from a Black Hawk helicopter into the terrorist’s compound. The article goes on to tell about how dogs are used in special operations:

“Heavily armored hounds — equipped with infrared night-sight cameras — have been used in the past by the top-secret unit. The war dogs wear ballistic body armor that is said to withstand damage from single and double-edged knives, as well as protective gear which shields them from shrapnel and gunfire.  German Shepherds have been leading the way in SAS raids in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Wearing oxygen masks, the pooches have been trained to jump from aircraft at 25,000ft, before seeking out insurgents in hostile environments.  The animals will attack anyone carrying a weapon and have become a pivotal part of special operations as they crawl unnoticed into tunnels or rooms to hunt for enemy combatants.  The cameras on their heads beam live TV pictures back to the troops, providing them with critical information and warning of ambushes. Dogs were also used in the capture of Saddam Hussein and in the killing of the Iraqi dictator’s two sons.”

How cool is that? Dogs are truly man’s best friend.


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