Five remaining stars danced last night on Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: May 10, 2011

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars featured Kirstie Alley, Ralph Macchio, Romeo, Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane dancing two dances. The first was a ball room dance and the second was an Instant Dance that they practiced to but with no music. They received the music on the show and had only about 30 minutes to prepare their dance routine to it.

They all did pretty well but Ralph Macchio was injured during the week and his dancing ability was severely hampered. I don’t know what Kirstie Alley’s excuse was because she really hasn’t upped her dancing to be part of the final four in my opinion. She had moments of brilliancy and then looks like she is lost. Did you see Maks do two lifts with Kirstie. He is very strong and the lifts were good. I thought for sure Maks would be hurting afterwards but when you are a professional you can lift anything!

Romeo is also barely hanging in there. His Tango was intense and the judges liked it but his Instant Dance the Salsa was not very good. Chelsea was doing most of the dancing and he was just there.

Hines Ward continues to rock. He came in with the second highest score of 54. His Fox Trot was cheesy but fun to watch and his Jive was full of fun.

Chelsea Kane continues to get better and better. But I found that in her Waltz was a bit herky-jerky at times. I guess the judges really liked her dance and gave her two tens. Her Salsa was full of shaking and she looked good.

Loved Brooke Burkes’ hot pink long silky dress, gave her color and she looked awesome. On The Results Show Michael Bolton is supposed to perform, that should be interesting.

So who will make the final four? In my opinion Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward need to go head to head until the finals. Ralph Macchio may have to quit because of his injury so I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it tonight. I’m on the fence with Kirstie Alley and Romeo. Their performances are good but not top notch. Either one may leave tonight if Ralph doesn’t drop out.


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