The Results Show – Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: May 11, 2011

Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo wherefore art thou? He’s been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars! No surprise to me it was just a matter of time before he had to leave. The final four stars are Kirstie Alley (yes she’s still alive on the show), Ralph Macchio (his fans saved his butt this week), Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane.

As I said before the best dancers are Hines and Chelsea. They will definitely be in the finals. Have to see how Kirsti and Ralph do next week. They have three dances to perform and one is a winner take all Cha Cha Cha.

Loved Brooke’s turquoise short dress with a rhinestone neckline and wow the rings on her right hand fingers were huge! They had to be rhinestones. Even her shoes were silver to match the dress. Looking good!

Was Dance Center segment lame or was it me losing my sense of humor? The last couple of years this segment gets lamer. Kennie Mayne is not my favorite comedian and Jerry Rice seems to be an aging dirty old man. We know what Len is so no surprise from him! Time to get new writers for Dance Center because it just isn’t working.

Michael Bolton and Delta sang a duet and Adele also sang. Adele was hyped as the best singer in the world but quite frankly she did not impress me. She doesn’t have the voice like Sarah Brighton who I believe is the best singer in the world.

Next week the stars need to perform or your outta here. Good luck to the final four stars and bring on your best performances.


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