Recent Ann Coulter article is truly “gusty”

Posted on: May 12, 2011

I enjoyed reading Ann Coulter’s latest article on her web site titled “More Gutsy Calls from Obama!”  I’ll share some highlights from her article but you can read the full article here.

Ann Coulter is a conservative’s conservative who doesn’t hold any punches when discussing liberals/progressives as well as Democrats. Her article is filled with innuendoes and total sarcasm. Her recent article lists all the “gutsy calls” Obama and his administration has been calling recently.

She writes, “Last week, Obama made the gutsy call to threaten public schools that are asking students for proof of residency. The memorandum warned school districts that it’s illegal to ask students for proof of citizenship or legal residency status.  Obama’s
wealthy donors need illegals so they can get cheap nannies, cooks and pool boys. On the other hand, illegals being paid off the books are not helping Americans find jobs.”

“Also last week, an immigration judge made the gutsy call to disregard the federal Defense of Marriage Act — passed overwhelmingly by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton — and allow an illegal alien
to stay in this country based on his “marriage” to another man. He based his ruling on the gutsy decision of Obama’s attorney general to challenge the ordered deportation of another illegal alien just days earlier, citing the alien’s gay marriage to an American. By coincidence, Obama has been getting huge campaign donations from gay activist groups. And his wealthy donors also need cheap interior decorators.”

“Two weeks ago, Obama’s National Labor Relations Board made the gutsy call to file a complaint against Boeing for attempting to build a new airplane production plant in South Carolina — a right-to-work state — and demanding that the plant be opened in Washington State — a dying Democratic pro-union state.  Suing Boeing for building a plant in South Carolina will certainly help Obama raise lots of campaign money from labor unions. Unfortunately, more American workers will be unemployed when Boeing and other companies give up on building plants in America and move yet more of their operations offshore.  But the Obama administration is gutsily punishing right-to-work states — even states that merely require secret ballots in order to obviate coercion by union thugs.

What are Americans supposed to do to earn money? Obama doesn’t care: Ordinary Americans are irrelevant to the Democrats’ electoral ambitions — they exist only to justify the hiring of more government workers. “

She then concludes that the Democrats have now officially abandoned working-class Americans.

How true is that statement? This was one of her best articles – hard hitting, truth telling and eye-opening. Enjoy reading the whole article at her web site here.


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