More of Bill Maher’s stupid rantings

Posted on: May 14, 2011

I don’t watch Bill Maher and I don’t care for this man’s “comedy or punditry.” But when I see an article about him saying that if you celebrated Bin Laden’s Death, you’re not really a Christian I take notice.

First of all, what does Bill Maher know about Christianity? He’s not even a Christian. Second, who cares what he thinks about Christians and if it was right for them to celebrate Bin Laden’s death. His opinion does not mean one iota to me. I won’t quote anything he said but if you are interested you can click on the link above and see the article. Then you can make the call for yourself if I’m right about Bill Maher.

Why do people even waste their time watching or listening to Bill Maher? He’s not funny and he never makes any sense – unless of course you are liberal/progressive who hates everything about America and its religions.

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