DWTS, the Results Show – Now there are three

Posted on: May 18, 2011

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show was pretty much what I expected. I knew the elimination was between Kirstie and Ralph. At the end Ralph Macchio was eliminated. He gave about a three minute speech thanking everyone on the show included the camera crew!! What!! I guess he just loved being on the show.

Stevie Nicks performed last night and all I can say is boy does she look old! She is 63 years old and if she had any cosmetic surgery it really didn’t take very well. I know she is no Cher who is a walking advertisement for cosmetic surgery but if you are in the limelight you need to have something done to yourself. And what were those gloves on her hands all about? Was she trying to hide the age spots? I was never a big fan of Stevie Nicks and her gravelly voice still irritates me.

Was Brooke Burke’s dress a redeux from another show? It looked more like a prom or bridesmaid dress than an elegant evening gown. The color of the dress is hard to describe, it was a long silky silver grey color with a big bow and train on the back of the dress. The show must be running out of wardrobe money as it nears the end of the season.

Next week is the finals. Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane and Kirstie Alley (yes Kirstie how about that one!) are in the finals. It really
all comes down to a duel between Hines and Chelsea. Congrats to the finalist and we want to see some real competition next week when they dance three dances, one being the free-style dance.

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