Door to door scam hitting major metropolitan city

Posted on: May 19, 2011

Who can say no to a kid when they are trying to sell magazines door-to-door for a good cause? But beware these kids are not selling for a good cause but for a company that is scamming consumers. According to a local station’s investigation in Denver, Colorado, magazine sales crews are arriving in the metro area claiming to raise money for sick and homeless kids.

But what really happens, these kids end up homeless and the magazine company profits from their sales. Marquis Fulfillment Agency promised these kids a “travel job” with “lots of fun, adventure and money.” But all these kids get is no money, no fun and a bad adventure. If the kids don’t sell their quota they don’t get paid and recently the local station found stranded teenagers at the bus station with no money, food or options.

The kids who work for magazine sales crews are so desperate for sales that they are claiming they are raising money for the Denver Rescue Mission and Children’s hospital. However, nonprofit organizations, like the Denver Rescue Mission, do not go door-to-door, soliciting donations. In addition, the Better Business Bureau has issued a warning to consumers to beware of magazine sales crews. If you want to buy magazines do online searches of the company selling the magazines before you buy.

My philosophy is never to buy from door-to-door sales people whether they are adults or kids. Most of the time these are scams and you won’t get your money’s worth for any product they sell. Gone are the days of the “Fuller Brush Man” (boy am I dating myself!) who was honest and reputable. Most door-to-door sales people just want to make a quick buck and never deliver.

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Every year hordes of kids go door to door selling everything from overpriced cookies to holiday wrapping paper. Unless you are rich and really generous you need a way to avoid these kids selling door to door.Avoid Kids Selling Door to Door – Door BellThe easiest way to avoid buying things from kids selling things door to door is not to answer the doorbell or the knock in the first place. To try to stop them from ringing the bell to begin with post a sign on your door that says No Solicitors.Avoid Kids Selling Door to Door – ExcusesIf you do open the door to one of these smiling kids and do not want to buy any of the products you can make an excuse.

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