Stupid criminal gets away with a bank robbery

Posted on: May 19, 2011

Now this is what I call a respectful but stupid criminal who does what he is told. At a Columbus, Ohio PNC Bank the other day, a bank robber entered the bank with a dark hood covering most of his face. However, the bank has a policy that says, “no hats, no hoods.” What’s a bank robber to do?

He did what any respectful stupid bank robber would do; he pulled his hood down and showed his face. At the counter he handed the teller a note saying that he had a gun – but complied with the no hood policy mind you – and he wanted the money or he would shoot.

He got an undisclosed amount of cash but left a great picture of his face on the surveillance camera. He is still at large but it
will be a matter of time before this guy is caught and thrown in jail for a long time.


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