President Obama goes back to the future!

Posted on: May 24, 2011

During President Obama’s visit to England he signed the guestbook at Westminster Abbey today. While this isn’t a big deal what is a big deal is that Obama dated his signature with the year 2008! This is what he wrote and the date he signed:

It is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage, and common sacrifice.

 Barack Obama

 24 May 2008

As you can clearly see Mr. Obama dated his entry in the book May 24 2008, rather than the current year. Apparently Mr. Obama was heard to ask the dean what the day’s date was which is understandable with a busy schedule he has but he managed to get the year wrong. A Westminster Abbey spokeswoman confirmed it was the president who had written the wrong date.

Now the White House is pleading jet lag. I can understand about jet lag for forgetting the day but not the year! Maybe he has thoughts of his glory days before everything now is falling apart.


1 Response to "President Obama goes back to the future!"

Let us not forget that the supposedly brilliant Obama stated on the campaign trail that he wanted to campaign in all 57 STATES.

Then he stated in a message to a bunch of Navy Corpsmen that Navy Corpseman such and such and navy corpseman such and such like the guy is a dead corpse. Where was the media jumping down his throat like they did for Dan Quale? At least Qaale had an excuse, potato was actually misspelled on the flash card.

John Wilder

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