The Finale of Dancing with the Stars – Who won the Mirror Ball Trophy?

Posted on: May 24, 2011

After two agonizing hours of watching this show – there was shock and awe! Shock that Chelsea Kane came in 3rd Place and awe  that Kristie Alley came in 2nd Place. As I predicted Hines Ward won the Mirror Ball Trophy this Season Twelve.

The show brought back the eliminated stars and some danced and some tried to do comedy. All of it fell short except for Kendra Wilkinson. If she had more time she would have been a pretty awesome dancer and maybe make it to the finals. Romeo danced with a choir of kids singing “The Greatest Love of All”. You know it was a tongue in cheek type of routine because Romeo said that he is doing all of this for the “kids.” But it was nice and of course Romeo thanked and loved everyone.

Sarah and Todd Palin were in the audience tonight in case you missed them. The GO GO Dolls sang – they are getting old. Sarah Evans sang -you know she is trying to make a comeback since her divorce and I heard she has a new boyfriend or maybe she is remarried now? Can’t keep up with her.

Loved Brooke Burke’s gown – it was rose colored long gown with layers that flared at the bottom. I guess wardrobe spared no expense for the Finale.

Now the show is over and they are planning a new one in the fall.

Hope it will be a good one.

Until next season ——-


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