Times are tough and now thieves are stealing train tracks

Posted on: May 27, 2011

You know when times are tough when thieves try to steal train tracks for get cash for the metal tracks. In a town near Sacramento,  California, a pair of thieves spent hours dismantling a section of the Manteca railroad tracks before being busted by the cops.

In fact these thieves were working very hard during the day to steal the train tracks. An employee who works for the private train company that uses the tracks called police. They were stealing the rails and the iron that held the rails together.

Now this is a tedious task and obviously the thieves didn’t have the proper tools for the job. They were using poles to wedge and pull
everything up. However, they managed to strip 100 yards of the track. The iron from the tracks would bring a good price as scrap metal.

If these thieves would have worked on stealing from the nearby Union Pacific line they would have had been charged with a federal
crime. Because this was a private track line they are still in trouble but not with the feds.

Just think of all that energy they used could have been used for more productive use, but then stupid criminals do stupid things.


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