Medical Marijuana superstore opens in Arizona

Posted on: June 2, 2011

It started in Oakland, California with a medical marijuana superstore and now a superstore is opening in Phoenix, Arizona. However, this 21,000 square foot store won’t be selling marijuana but products including soil, grow lights and irrigation trays specially designed for effective marijuana growing. The store also offers services such as a doctor on site to furnish eligible patients the initial medical approval they need to apply to the state health department for cards authorizing them to legally grow and use marijuana as  treatment for a variety of qualifying ailments ( like a headache, acne, back pain, sore toe, etc.)

This store is a chain store that started in California and the company’s own press materials describe the “weGrow” franchise as the “Wal-Mart of Weed.” Other various media reports have referred to it as “Home DePot.”

The store’s opening came on the same day that Arizona was to have begun accepting applications from individuals seeking one of 125 permits the state plans to grant for the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries. But that process was put on hold last week. On Friday, the state went to federal court seeking to clarify whether its citizens were at risk of federal prosecution for participating in activities sanctioned under Arizona’s medical marijuana act, passed by voters in November.

Arizona is the 16th state in the nation, plus the District of Columbia, to decriminalize marijuana for medical purposes. But Dennis Burke, the U.S. attorney for Arizona, warned in a letter to state health officials last month that the cultivation, sale and distribution of cannabis, classified by the U.S. government as an illegal narcotic, remains a federal crime.

This hasn’t stopped state officials who have been accepting applications from patients and caregivers looking to grow and use marijuana for medical purposes. Figures show that 3,696 people have obtained cards allowing them to possess and grow marijuana for a range of medical issues with chronic pain being the main complete among them. Males account for more than 75 percent  of those approved.

“weGrow” is an  Oakland-based company that has big expansion plans for Arizona and nationwide as it looks to tap into what some have estimated to be a market worth billions of dollars. He said the next franchise store will open in the District of Columbia in July,  with additional outlets slated for Denver, Detroit and possibly Los Angeles by the end of August.

So there is no need for a road-trip to Phoenix, just wait a few months for this store opening soon in your neighborhood.


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