Why should we care what Nancy Pelosi says or thinks?

Posted on: June 3, 2011

Recently, Jonathan Karl of ABC News interviewed Nancy Pelosi. As we all know this “lame stream media” as Sarah Palin calls them, loves to twist and turn the truth. But so does Nancy Pelosi. According to the interview Nancy Pelosi actually believes that the Democrats “have a very good chance of winning the House” majority in the 2012 elections.

Didn’t she also predict that the 2010 mid-term elections would favor Democrats? Look how that turned out!

Then she thinks she will be re-elected as Speaker of the House in 2012. Right, when pigs fly! She points to 63 congressional districts
that President Obama carried in 2008 that are now held by Republicans. House Democrats, according to Ms. Pelosi, need to win just 24 of those seats to regain control of the House.

She claims that the Democrats have a strong message to enable the mobilization at grass-roots levels. She then said that it’s all
about the “M’s” – message, mobilization, the money to get the message out and management of the campaign by the candidates so that it can be effective. Is this part of her “word is the word” messaging?

Actually it helps to stuff the ballot box, provide people who are not eligible to vote and use Union bullies to intimidate voters. That’s
the way Democrats roll you know.

The rest of the interview is pure nonsense and once again, why should we care what Nancy Pelosi says or thinks?


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