More “foreigner” prisoners in Colorado

Posted on: June 6, 2011

A recent news article is both alarming as well as politically correct. According to the article, “foreign” inmates are now the fastest growing segment of Colorado’s prison population. Since 2005, the number of foreign-born inmates increased from 51 percent to  1,953. In addition, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers have more than doubled in 10 years from 680 to 1,500.

As a result, managing inmates who don’t speak English requires interpreters which cost money and adds to the difficulty of running prisons. Inmates from Mongolia, Iraq and 75 other nations are housed in Colorado’s prisons. While the cost for holding such inmates continues to rise, financial support that Colorado receives from the federal government is decreasing.

Can the reason for less federal government financial support is because Janet Napolitano tells us that our borders are safer than ever
before and we don’t have a problem with illegal immigration?  Once again the numbers don’t prove that theory. And while there are inmates from 75 other nations this article doesn’t really tell the rest of the story about illegal aliens being held in Colorado

If Colorado is having a problem with this, can you imagine what is going on in Arizona, California and Texas?  With all the “foreigners” imprisoned in those states they could call themselves the United Nations!

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