No new taxes in Colorado but only “fees” pay for unlimited spending

Posted on: June 6, 2011

When Governor Bill Ritter was governor of Colorado, he and his most favored legislators decided that since they couldn’t raise taxes in Colorado because of the TABOR act (Taxpayers Bill of Rights) amendment, adopted by voters in 1992 requiring voter approval, they would just impose a fee on all Colorado drivers in the state.

Bob Unruh of the World Net Daily however, figured out the con job that the Governor and his legislators were pulling on the citizens of Colorado. They wanted to borrow and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on bridge repairs but knew that the Colorado voters would not approve any borrowing plan or tax increase because of the bad economy.

As a solution they created an “enterprise” – an entity owned and run by the state Department of Transportation – to take over the
responsibility to repair and replace bridges. Senate Bill 09-108, which created a “Colorado Bridge Enterprise” has since borrowed $300 million to start a round of bridge repairs, and is charging every vehicle owner in the state a “fee” every year for their “access” to those bridges. As an “enterprise,” its managers, the same people who make decisions for the state agency, could borrow money without voter approval and could raise taxes on taxpayers as long as they called them “fees.”

This meant that the license “fees” on their cars, trailers, RVs etc. were increased incrementally over three years where it now stand at
the highest “fees” for Colorado drivers. Take for example a $400 homemade trailer now reaches a full 10% of its original cost – each and every year. That’s right a simple homemade trailer that used to have a license fee of $15 per year now is $47 per year.

Outrageous! Of course, this increase also applies to all vehicles.

But analyst Tom Ryan, whose critique was published recently by the Independence Institute, said the lawmakers relied on distortions
and deliberate misdirection to subvert Colorado’s Constitution and silence the voice of the people.”

The law allows an unelected group of bureaucrats to appoint an unelected administrator and together borrow whatever amounts of debt can be backed by FASTER funds. On December 1, 2010, they did just that. Now Colorado’s citizens are burdened with $300 million of newly issued debt – with the promise of more to come. All this, and we weren’t asked!

Whether you live near or ever drive over a bridge in Colorado, you have to pay this fee every time you renew your license for your  vehicles. This was very entrepreneurial; however it was also very devious of Governor Ritter and his Democrat controlled legislation. But now we are aware of the scam and hopefully the next legislators can repeal this to help Colorado drivers save money.


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