Another “Free Speech” victim gets compensated

Posted on: June 8, 2011

When will this craziness stop?

You are stopped by a police officer because you are speeding and you promptly start cursing at the officer. The officer asks you to stop cursing and being verbally abusive but you continue. Then the officer hauls you off to jail because you are disobeying an officer. Later the police department pays you, the abusive victim, $20,000 because the officer violated your free speech rights.

Once again this happened to a traffic violator and a Deputy in Boulder, Colorado. Bob McIntosh age 51 won the settlement from the county by arguing that he was arrested without probable cause and in violation of his free speech rights. Sure he was speeding 20 miles over the posted speed limit and in a school zone. Sure he threw some “f” bombs at the officer. And sure this guy is a real jerk. But that doesn’t matter; his “free speech” was violated.

Now I have to claim full disclosure because a relative of mine is an officer. I don’t know how he can put up with idiots and creeps like
this. Most of the time these people are either drunk or high on drugs. When they get caught they are angry and that is when they think it is all right to swear or even flip off the police officer.

What gives them the right to be verbally abusive to a police officer who is doing their job and keeping the public safe? When will law
enforcement agencies stop paying money to these creeps because they don’t want to stifle their free speech? Since when is cursing at another person free speech?


2 Responses to "Another “Free Speech” victim gets compensated"

There are a lot of cops who just teach them some courtesy at the end of a billy club or some such and I cant really say that I blame them.

Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

I completely agree. This pissed me off… I’d like to send a personal letter to this man.

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