Car thieves beware – CSP has got more “bait cars.”

Posted on: June 8, 2011

You probably have seen the report on TV about “bait cars” being used by law enforcement. These are cars that have either or both a camera installed inside the car as well as a device to turn off the ignition after a certain amount of time and lock the doors so thieves can’t escape from the car. These cars catch car thieves in the act of stealing a car. In 2009, 12,000 vehicles were stolen in Colorado.

Recently, Colorado State Patrol has received additional “bait cars” from Nationwide Insurance. These cars were donated and of course the number of donated cars is not disclosed. However, these cars have been associated with 325 felons and are all  different makes and models ranging from popular midsize sedans to pick-up trucks.

Since 2007 when CSP has been using bait cars, they have seen a 40 percent reduction in auto thefts in Colorado. Typically most thieves are interested in parts but on this type of operation the CSP can pull over the cars and shut them down at the same time.

Thanks to Nationwide Insurance to keep car thieves on edge by wondering if they are stealing a car or a “bait car.” Law enforcement is much smarter than you are.


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