Even Weiner’s ex-girlfriend wants him to resign

Posted on: June 9, 2011

I know I said that I wouldn’t write about Congressman Weiner anymore but when I saw this article on The Daily Beast written by Kirsten Powers, I just had to comment on it. Kirsten Powers is a known feminist, liberal woman who defends all left/Democrat positions with a passion. I’ve watched her on different cable shows and sometimes her thought process seems to be out there in outer space.

But when I read her article that she dated Weiner over ten years ago (that’s a shocker) and that she was a good friend of his and now says he needs to resign, I was double- shocked!

Pigs were flying, hell froze over and a feminist woman finally is making sense. Who would have thought this would happen? Is this the apocalypse?

Her article is a long one that includes her history between her and Weiner and of course her feminist comments included. She fiercely defended Weiner on several talk shows but now with all the information out, she agrees that Weiner lied to all of us. She seems to feel betrayed by him. Does this mean her lollipop and roses life is ending? She does take a shot at the women he was involved with, saying that they are as much to blame as he is. But hey, they aren’t a well-known Congressman are they?

Don’t blame the victims, Kirsten, blame the perpetrator. Not all women are feminist like you and sometimes girls just want to have fun! Not that I’m condoning every ones actions. But there is no accounting for good taste these days.

As for Weiner, it is a matter of days before he resigns. He has to; he has no credibility.


3 Responses to "Even Weiner’s ex-girlfriend wants him to resign"

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Hey Linda
You have got to be kidding. This guy has brass balls and is wholly entrenched and more than that, he has Clinton advising him. He is not going anywhere, you heard it here first. I agree that if he had ahy ethics he would be gone, but what kind of guy has ethics that shows his johnson to women who did not ask to see it?

Blessings on you and yours

Well if he has Clinton advising him then he won’t resign because Clinton is the master of all things unethical. But I have been hearing rumors that Weiner’s buddies in Congress are shuning him also many pundits think he’ll be gone by the end of this week. We’ll see.

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