Obama gives the kiss of death to a small business

Posted on: June 9, 2011

Just days ago, President Obama was in Toledo, Ohio at a Chrysler plant where he touted a small business restaurant, Chet’s Restaurant. In his remarks he discussed other jobs and businesses that benefitted from the 2009 bailout of Chrysler because Toledo Chrysler workers still had jobs.

However, the owner of Chet’s Restaurant is closing his business for good bringing to an end a nearly 90-year run. The reason, lack of
business made the economics of paying someone to cook for his restaurant no longer sustainable. He placed the business up for sale and last week turned it over to a local real estate company. The contraction of the automotive industry didn’t help either. In its heyday they would deliver food to the Jeep plant. They would make $200 to $300 a week but now it is only $100 a week.

The owner, Mr. Lawrence, 82, was shot twice during a robbery outside his restaurant on May 19, 2008, while attempting to help what he thought was a man with a disabled automobile. Although Mr. Lawrence lived, his injuries left him unable to do work he’d done since buying the small restaurant in 1973 when it was the burned-out remnants of the former Chet’s Hot Dog. Chet’s
Hot Dog had opened in 1939, taking the place of another restaurant on the same site that had opened in 1923. Because he was shot, he had to hire a cook and of course the economics of paying for a cook in a downturned economy lost money with his restaurant. He said the cause was due to the economy and the smoking ban that hurt his restaurant.

Chet’s Restaurant did have a good day when Mr. Obama was there because people thought that the President would stop in and eat there. Ironically, right after Obama talked about this restaurant, he ate at another restaurant, Rudy’s Hot Dog.

Please Mr. President, no more shout outs to any small businesses anymore, it is the “kiss of death” from your lips.


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