Newly elected Mayor of Denver may be part of an Escort Investigation

Posted on: June 10, 2011

Even before the ink was dry on the ballots, a local T.V. station has released an explosive investigative report that the newly elected Mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, may be part of an escort investigation. The controversy centers around the “Denver Players”, which was an escort service charging clients as much as $450 an hour for appointments with women, presumably for sex.

This investigation has been ongoing but the T.V. station was asked not to release this information prior to the mayoral election which took place on June 7th. You see, Michael Hancock’s campaign was filled with family values and what a great guy he was and he is the epitome of “Mr. Clean.” He never ran negative ads against his opponent Chris Romer.

But as soon as the election was over, the T.V. station released information about the investigation. The investigation found the contents of client lists, appointment logs, schedule books and credit card receipts that Scottie Ewing, the former owner of the Denver Players escort service, has said were preserved from his business. Those documents make up the “black book” of information from the escort service. Before it was raided in 2008, Ewing sold Denver Players to Brenda Stewart, but said he retained business records.

In the “black book” were found Hancock’s personal cellphone number and his name — misspelled Handcock — appear on the phone list. His phone number and first name appear on three different appointment logs. Ewing claimed that the phone numbers were essential to his business because they verified the client’s identity, regardless of what name was being used by the client. The phone numbers were entered into the database and were verified by a call back by the escort service. The also used the method where they would enter a phone number and obtain information about the person, such as employment history or where they worked and first or last names.

The documents show that Hancock’s cellphone number is linked to a man who was a client of the service, Hancock admits that it is his cellphone number but he vehemently denies ever having been a client of an escort or prostitution service, including Denver Players.

The phone log that refers to Hancock’s phone number is specific. It contains a notation in a computer printout: “Calls from diff #’s (pay ph.) RN Mike Handcock – Wrks4City.” Hancock was a councilman before he was elected mayor. The term “pay ph.” referred to a pay phone and that “RN” denotes “real name.” And in the log, the real name is noted as “Mike Handcock.” It also notes the client  works for the city.

Even though the client apparently used pay phones to book appointments, the cellphone number linked to Hancock was used for verification. That number showed up in the appointment logs on three different days with three different women. But there is a twist to this story; the “black book” was recently stolen.

The method to collect names and phone number may not have been a very sophisticated method that the escort service used but Ewing but he claims that this was the best way to verify clients. In addition, Michael Hancock’s lawyer is asking to see if there were any surveillance cameras used or if there was ever any verification that Hancock’s car was seen at the escort service.

Interestingly, the Denver Police cannot come up with any surveillance on the escort service. Furthermore, during the campaign, both candidates were insistent to remove the current Denver Chief of Police. Now Hancock has to deal with the current Chief of Police to help clear his name, if he is indeed innocent.

Is this another politician who lives a double life or just an innocent mistake?  It’s better to get this resolved now before Michael Hancock takes office next month.


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