Jane Fonda and her bucket list

Posted on: June 11, 2011

When Jane Fonda divorced Ted Turner she decided to create a bucket list of things she wanted to accomplish before she kicks the “bucket.” While this story tells about her high goals like scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, hiking the Machu Picchu, and making a movie in French, it seems to me that she fell short of the most important thing she should do before she kicks the bucket.

Apologize to all the Vietnam Veterans and their families that she disgraced during the Vietnam War. Hanoi Jane as she was known did some very bad things to our boys who were captured and tortured during that time. I read an article where she was visiting an internment camp and the U.S. prisons of war were handing her notes to take back to their families. She turned in the notes to the commandant at the camp and those men were beaten and tortured again.

So Ms. Fonda put on your bucket list to make right all of your radical behavior you elicited during the Vietnam War and maybe you can go in peace when you leave.


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