Robert Gibbs – he’s back!

Posted on: June 14, 2011

Robert Gibbs was featured on CNN last night giving his thoughts on the Republican debate. Quite frankly, I didn’t watch it because I  knew he was going to spin and dance around as he usually does. I wasn’t wrong. I found this video clip on Real Clear Politics that confirmed my suspicions.

You can watch the 3 minutes 37 second video here.

Bottom line, once again Gibbs is the pot calling the kettle black – blame Bush!  He first claims that this election is not about “affixing blame” to the economic crisis but he still blames Bush – unbelievable. This is Obama’s economy, he hasn’t done anything to fix it, so who’s to blame?

Gibbs further says, “This is not going to be and I’m not setting this up to be an election to blame George Bush, but what I’m  suggesting is a series of decisions that got us into the mess is not a series of decisions we ought to make to get us out of it.” I agree totally, Obama’s administration has made a series of decisions that got us further into this mess so we don’t need four more years of bad decision making.

Once again, Gibbs snarky attitude reminds me that I’m just going to hate seeing him as spokesperson for Obama’s reelection. You know he’s always right and everyone else is always wrong.


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