Shocking investigation shows illegal drugs and alcohol inside a Rave party

Posted on: June 21, 2011

Of course the headline is being sarcastic. Unless you have been living in a dream world, everyone knows that at Rave parties drugs and alcohol are very prevalent. However, a local TV station decided to confirm all of our suspicions.

Raves are known for DJs, dancing and of course drugs. They are all night parties that parents can’t crash. At a local Rave party called  Electric Daisy Carnival in the Denver, Colorado area the organizers promised that there would be no drugs or alcohol at the party – just a lot of fun for teens. Not really.

The undercover investigator found kids using a very dangerous drug – Molly – that is very popular inside Rave. Molly is a form of  ecstasy but more pure extract. Molly boosts energy and induces euphoria but in larger doses it’s a stimulant and hallucinogen rolled into one. When you take a Molly you can dance for hours without realizing you are tired. You run the risk of overheating, dehydration and exhaustion.

Of course, Molly is illegal as well as underage drinking that was found in this Rave party. In fact, at many of these Rave parties there  is a detox area that the kids are taken to after they pass out. Some were treated on the spot and others taken to the hospital.

When you hear your son or daughter say that they are going to a Rave party just to dance, don’t be fooled that it is just a fun dance like Spring Dance in high school. A Rave party is filled with illegal drugs and alcohol for underage kids as discovered by an undercover investigation.


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