So who’s getting all the jobs?

Posted on: June 22, 2011

Why the government of course. A recent study by the Metropolitan Policy Program shows a strong correlation between post-recession economic recovery and government employment. Mostly big metropolitan cities showed an increase in government jobs.

Dallas, Colorado Springs and Harford are among 20 cities that have reported strong economic growth since the start of the recession.
Augusta, Austin, Denver, El Paso, Houston, Jackson, Little Rock, Louisville, McAllen, Nashville, Ogden, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and Washington are on the list of government growing jobs. All of the cities, except for Augusta, saw an increase in government jobs since their periods of peak total employment from the start of the recession.

Working for a government employer is a noble job however; this does not increase the actual revenue that our country needs to grow. You see, we the tax payers pay for those jobs. Government jobs do not create revenue they are just like your kids who depend on you to give them money and you don’t get any type of return on your investment.

What this country needs is a huge gain in private sector jobs where goods and services are produced and sold to the public. We don’t
need another bureaucrat job we need production from the private sector.


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