Peeping Tom hides in a portable toilet

Posted on: June 24, 2011

This must be the grossest peeping tom incident ever!

Boulder, Colorado last weekend held a Hanuman Yoga Festival. Probably 90% of the participants were women and they provided portable toilets for this event. Luke Irvin Christo age 30, thought he would get his “jollies” by hiding inside a portable toilet and peep at women relieving themselves.

He lay in wait INSIDE the toilet with his head under the seat. A woman noticed something moving inside the tank covered in a tarp when she lifted the lid. She quickly left the portable toilet and asked a man to check out what she saw.

The man told police he walked outside and heard the toilet door lock from inside. A festival security supervisor waiting outside said a
man eventually emerged covered in feces. He chased the man but lost him. I guess he couldn’t follow his nose!

But good news – the peeping tom was caught in Vail on a traffic charge unrelated to the incident. We don’t know if he still smells but I’m sure he will get a shower in jail.

Here is the link to the picture of the portable toilet where he laid in waiting.


2 Responses to "Peeping Tom hides in a portable toilet"

Talk about a new low for perverts. Although I know of a perversion where men want women to take a dump on them while they watch and masturbate. There are all kinds of perversion in the world.
John Wilder

Not only is this guy a pervert but he is also a sociopath! He was on the news last night and gave interviews to three local stations. He said that he has done peeping for over a year and a half but felt that this type of peeping in a portable pottie was his lowest. He doesn’t think he has a serious problem.

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