School in Sweden testing “gender neutral” terms

Posted on: June 27, 2011

If you want your child not to be recognized as a “him or her” then send your child to Egalia preschool a very progressive school in Stockholm, Sweden.

A bunch of progressive Swedish educators decided that they want to create gender equality among children. You know not brand a child as a boy or girl but as a sexless person. In Swedish the sexless word is “hen” – a word that found its roots in the gay and feminist circles.

But this school has even gone further, they have removed all gender-driven colors and toys and activities are gender neutral. What this means blue isn’t for boys and pink isn’t for girls anymore. Maybe the colors offered are green, yellow, purple (maybe), white and black. What happens if a girl likes pink or a boy likes blue and are bummed not to find that color. What happens if the boys want to play with trucks and there are no trucks to play with? What happened to free choice? Oh that’s right this is Sweden where everyone looks like group “ABBA” and are “happy, happy, happy!”

Once again, you can’t make these things up.


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