New designer drug is a poor man’s heroin

Posted on: June 29, 2011

A new designer drug called “Krokodil,” primarily found in Russia, is an addicted drug that is much cheaper to make. This home-made drug is also many times more powerful than heroin. However, the effects of addiction to this drug are more horrific than any other known drug.

It is called “Krokodil” for a reason because if used for a long time it turns the skin scaly and gray. Users will usually have rotting sores on the back of their neck as well flesh falling off exposing bones. You literally rot to death if you use this addictive drug.

The active component is codeine, a widely sold over-the-counter painkiller that is not toxic on its own. But to produce krokodil, whose medical name is desomorphine, addicts mix it with ingredients including gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorous, which is scraped from the striking pads on matchboxes. Unlike heroin, where the hit can last for several hours, a krokodil high only lasts between 90 minutes and two hours. The “cooking” process takes at least half an hour, being a krokodil addict is basically a full-time job.

Desomorphine aka krokodil causes the strongest levels of addiction, and is the hardest to cure. With heroin withdrawal, the main  symptoms last for five to 10 days. After that there is still a big danger of relapse but the physical pain will be gone. With krokodil, the pain can last up to a month, and it’s unbearable. Recovering addicts need to be injected with extremely strong tranquilizers just to keep them from passing out from the pain.

In addition to krokodil, there are reports of drug users injecting other artificial mixes, and the latest street drug is tropicamide. This  is used as eye drops by ophthalmologists to dilate the pupils during eye examinations.  Users have no trouble getting tropicamide and when injected, the drug has severe psychiatric effects and brings on suicidal feelings.

If an addict manages to kick the habit, the addict needs to spend weeks at a detox clinic. They will experience horrendous withdrawal  symptoms that include seizures, a 40-degree temperature and vomiting. They will probably lose teeth because the gums rot away and they may contract hepatitis C. People, who become full-time krokodil addicts, are given a life expectancy of less than a year.

2 Responses to "New designer drug is a poor man’s heroin"

Thanks Linda for sharing this horrible drug’s perils. It scares me to death for all the idiot kids out there who think that they are invincible.
We will have ever younger crack whores out there or more appropriately krockdil whores.

Just watched a documentary about this drug and the effects of it and I’ve got to say its the most dangerous drug by far 50 times more destructive than Heroin is or was.

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