Obama’s press conference calls for tax hikes and slams

Posted on: June 29, 2011

So what else is new from this President? Blame everyone else for our problems but never take responsibility for his faults in running the country. I didn’t watch the press conference today but want to share some highlights I found on a Town Hall article written by Katie Pavlich.

Also I understand that Obama repeated a choice between corporate jets and kids. Yup, that’s the way he likes to demonize everyone and make you feel bad especially for the kids. He said if we need to stop giving tax breaks to big business and oil companies otherwise we won’t have money for the kids’ college.  He once again pits rich vs poor – us against them – a straw man mentality. I am so tired of him and his fellow Democrats demonizing everyone and pulling out the class warfare card.

Then Obama said his administration is reviewing government regulations that hinder entrepreneurship, adding he is working with the private sector to spur job grown but slammed business owners as “wanting to do whatever they want to gain maximum profits.” Is Obama for real? Why does he think the reason for people to open a business – to make money of course! Oh that’s right he’s never had a private job before and thinks only government jobs are the right jobs.

Then he said, “The business community is always complaining about regulations.”  Yes there you have it, he’s all for the little guy but they better jump to the government regulations that stifle their growth.

On the issue of job growth, the President again tried to sell the idea that the government creates jobs. “Congress could send me a  bill right now that would put construction workers back on the job,” he said. Who is going to pay for those jobs, Mr. President?  The taxpayers of course!

Obama also claimed he has spent the past two years cutting taxes and that it is time for wealthy Americans, CEO’s and the oil and gas
industry to pay their fair share. What can I say?

He just doesn’t get it does he?


2 Responses to "Obama’s press conference calls for tax hikes and slams"

Brilliant and he does not get it.
Blessings on you and yours

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