How do you feel about the Casey Anthony trial?

Posted on: July 7, 2011

The Casey Anthony trial was just as big as the O. J. Simpson trial was in 1995. Everyone had their opinion as to whether O.J. was guilty of killing his wife and her friend. He probably did the murders but then we’ll never know. As you know he was acquitted.

Now we have Casey Anthony trial where the prosecution was going for the death penalty in the death of her precious 2 year old Caley. I could understand why because she is the “responsible” adult in charge of that little girl. If anything happened to that child the fault is normally put on the parent(s). Of course, Casey is a pathological liar who loved to make up stories about the whereabouts of her child. At least she was convicted of that nonsense.

But the bottom line still remains. What happened to Caley? How did her body get from a loving home to a swamp area where she laid dead? The jury found Casey not guilty of murder, manslaughter and child abuse. They bought into the theory that her attorney Diaz brought up that it was an accident (a drowning) and that Casey and her father covered it up and put in the swamp nearby the house. What an insane theory. But the jurors bought it.

I saw an interview with one of the jurors and an alternate juror who were singing that tune. They just couldn’t get their head wrapped  around the idea that a young, single mother could kill her child. People do strange things and I believe that anyone with a sociopathic personality could commit such a crime. Casey’s attorney had the gall to say that she was abused as a child by her father and brother
and that’s what made her act that way.

Oh please!

Her parents gave her full support with her child. Casey of course didn’t pass it up. My theory is that one day grandma and grandpa finally stood up to their precious daughter and said that she needed to be a parent and take care of her child. Casey got into a snit about it and went into a “poor me” scenario. She wanted to party and have fun but had a child wrapped around her neck. I had heard stories that Casey would chloroform Caley and leave her in the car when she went to party. How bizarre is that? Maybe one day she gave too much chloroform and that’s when the baby died.

But just like many of the younger generation of today, she didn’t want to take responsibility for her actions instead she wanted to blame others. Now she is going to be released from jail in about a week for time served. Where is she going to go? Probably back to her enabling parents who tried to cover up her actions with their testimony in court. But then her father and brother are probably feed up with her about the abuse charges. Who knows, maybe they did more enabling for her and told her to blame it on them.

Justice may be blind but I found out that some jurors are really stupid! They never took in account that Casey was the responsible parent and should take the hit on her daughter’s death. They just let a murderess walk out free of murder, manslaughter and child abuse. What part of “common sense” did the jurors find hard to understand?


2 Responses to "How do you feel about the Casey Anthony trial?"

Yes I am upset as well. Here is the deal, you can’;t convict someone based upon common sense.

As to the dad sexually abusing her, I find that credible. Girls normally don’t grow up to be sluts. They are created by sexually abusing dads, brothers or unclles. virtually all prostitutes were sexually abused by relatives.

I don’t think that Casey intentionally killed the little girl. I think that she wanted to party and did not have a babysitter so she taped the little grils mouth to muffle any crying from outsiders. She went into the club, got drunk, high or both and passed out. By the time that she came to, the little girl had died in an overheated car. She then placed her in a trash bag and threw her into a holding pond which of course later dried up exposing the trash bag.

She was acquitted becuase there was absolutely no evidence that she killed the little girl or even how the girl died. That does not mean that Casey is not a sociopath and she was nof found innocent, just not guilty.

For the record, she will not have it easy because everywhere she goes, she will be hated. I predict that she will be dead in 5 years or less.

Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

I agree with you about her being hated and having problems anywhere she goes. You are probably right that she’ll be dead in 5 years or less. But her actions – acting slutty – is quite typical for girls her age. I have seen even older women acting like they want to be 21 again and they weren’t abused as a child. A narcissist wants all the attention and no consequences for her actions – which you are fully aware of. My point was that someone had to be held accountable for the little girl’s death and I’m a firm believer that the parent(s) should be the one, not the grandparents or uncle or anyone else, unless someone saw them kill the child. A parent should take full responsibility for a child that young. Of course it changes when they get older – over 18 – by then the parents have done everything to raise the child to be part of society. I also blame her parents for enabling her throughout her life. She will never take responsibility for any of her actions and blame others for her troubles/problems. Thanks for your insight on this.


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