Marijuana advocates seeking legalization in Colorado

Posted on: July 7, 2011

Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile! Now marijuana advocates are trying to get on the ballot pot legalization even for recreational use. They are gathering signatures right now and need about 86,000 signatures to get the question on ballots next year.

Never mind that marijuana is a federal crime and never mind that these people are trying to play the system – they claim only adults over 21 can smoke pot for recreational use. Right, even kids 18 and younger can find alcohol and beer to drink, what makes you think kids won’t find a way to get marijuana and smoke it?

As long as it is a federal crime to be caught with illegal amounts of marijuana, I say pot smoking for recreational use should be outlawed. You see if we legalize marijuana for recreational use we’ll turn into a country filled with dopey and fuzzy-thinking adults who will make the wrong choices. Will we become a country of pot smoking zombies?

Back in 2006 Colorado voters rejected a marijuana legalization measure and if these advocates can get this on ballots for next year, I hope the voters reject this one as well.

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