New street drug – embalming fluid

Posted on: July 7, 2011

Years ago it used to be kids would get high on sniffing glue – they may still be doing that now. Then it was paint spray cans and of course our government took care of that problem that you have to be over 21 years old to purchase paint spray cans.  But I’m sure  kids find a way to purchase these cans today.

Now it seems that there is a sharp increase in teenagers getting high and overdosing on embalming fluid! In the past several months, an emergency room in Corpus Christi, Texas has seen an increase in patients who overdosed on embalming fluid

Where do they get the embalming fluid – from funeral homes of course.  A funeral home was broken into and the only item stolen was the embalming fluid/formaldehyde. The thieves didn’t touch any of the electronics in the funeral home.

When kids sniffed glue they lost some brain cells. When they sniffed paint spray cans they lost more brain cells. Now they are sniffing
formaldehyde and loosing tons of brain cells. This just prove the theory that when kids become teenager they do go “brain-dead” and do stupid things.


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