Obama’s 50th Birthday Bash is a fund raiser

Posted on: July 14, 2011

According to the Sun Times article, Obama’s 50th birthday bash is going to be a fund raiser that includes celebrities and a dinner. Now most people would enjoy a big day like that with family and friends, but not our President who has been in continuous campaign mode for the last three years.

This fundraiser/birthday party will be held at the Aragon, a historic ballroom in Uptown Chicago, and is one of the biggest third quarter events that are expected to draw national supporters.

The event is multi-tiered: There is a concert at 4 p.m. with Jennifer Hudson preforming. If you want to see her performance it will cost you a $50 contribution. Better hurry and get your tickets because this is limited availability for this concert.

But for $10,000, a person you get a souvenir photo with Obama at a reception and preferred seating at the concert. For $1,000 a person you get seated in a “premium section” with a “hosted bar.” A general admission ticket is $200.

The events are a benefit for the Obama Victory Fund 2012, a joint Obama 2012 re-election campaign/Democratic National Committee fund.

As you can see, nothing is off-limits for Obama. He video tapes his political ads at the White House and now he is “selling” his birthday for his political gain. Nothing is sacred with this man.

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