What planet is Obama on?

Posted on: July 15, 2011

As you know the last few weeks has been filled with discussions on raising the debt ceiling. Obama and the Democrats were pointing fingers at the Republicans for not having a plan and being ideologically entrenched and the Republicans were pointing fingers at Obama and the Democrats for not having a plan. As tiring as it seems, we really know what is going on. Obama and the Democrats want to raise the debt ceiling and not even cut spending.

Well, Mr. Obama really thinks that 80% of the public is “sold” on tax increases in a debt ceiling deal.

Mr. President what planet are you on? I certainly don’t want my taxes raised so the Congress and the President can spend more money. What type of return would I get for that? Probably nothing.

About a week ago he said along with his Press Secretary that the public isn’t paying attention to the debt ceiling debates. They don’t
really care. Now he says that a majority are behind him. All of a sudden Obama is saying that the public is watching and listening after he said that they didn’t care.

What planet are you on Mr. President? We have always been engaged in this debate. I just can’t understand how Democrats/Progressives think. They must think we are stupid and have a short attention span.

So now Obama is waiting on the Republicans to come up with a plan that he would agree to. How egotistical is that? Where is his plan? We know what the Democrats want, raise taxes and raise the debt ceiling with no cuts in spending. We just cannot afford it.

But then Obama really liked the fall-back plan proposed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) that would give the president the power to raise the debt ceiling to avoid a national default.  Yes, a dictator likes things like that. No accountability with that one. He would raise the debt ceiling “because he says so.”  He wouldn’t even cut spending. Obama thinks that this method is constructive but I’m sure he was holding back his “happy dance” with this plan because he said that he wanted to address the deeper debt issues.  Obviously, he really doesn’t care about the deeper debt issues because he wants to raise the debt ceiling and have a tax increase with no spending decrease.

Next week Republicans in the House will be working on a “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill to raise the debt ceiling. The plan would link a
debt-limit increase to passage of a balanced-budget amendment. Obama doesn’t like the balanced budget idea but if he doesn’t give his Democrats the go ahead to vote on this than his political career will be over.

Then in November 2012 we’ll know what planet he’s on – he’ll be out of here.


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