Voter registration forms included in back to school packets

Posted on: July 20, 2011

Don’t tell me that school districts don’t have an agenda because they do. This situation happened recently in Brighton, Colorado. Parents of Prairie View High School received their back to school packets that included a flyer saying “Without ballot action, it is anticipated that P-12 will face a fourth year of deep cuts…” It goes on: “This initiative provides the ONLY opportunity available to stop deep cuts.”  The packet also included voter registration forms in both English and Spanish.

As you can see Education specific funding is being used to push a political agenda. Totally inappropriate! The flyer also had Senator  Rollie Heath’s ballot proposal about raising taxes to fund education. When the Colorado Secretary of State’s office was contacted they said that they will look into this incident as a possible violation of the Campaign Fair Practices Act.

You think?

Not only is it inappropriate but what really is an abomination is the voter registration forms were in both English and Spanish. I
thought if a person wants to vote they need to be a citizen and understand English. But that was 50 years ago. The progressives have turned everything around. They want everybody to vote even if they are not citizens of this country. Is that what this country is coming to?


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