Is this Fact or Fiction?

Posted on: July 26, 2011

Do you remember the TV show Fact or Fiction?  The show would give different scenarios and you would make the call if the story was real or not. Here’s a story that is truly bizarre.

Imagine, your loved one has an asthma attack and you think he has died. You call the undertaker and he takes him to the morgue. But twenty-one hours later laying in the morgue fridge the man wakes up and starts yelling.

Spooky isn’t it?

This wasn’t fiction – because you can’t make up something like this.  This is a real story of what happened to an 80 year old man in Johannesburg, South Africa.  When his family found him unconscious they called the undertaker and the driver examined the body, checked his pulse, looked for a heartbeat but there was nothing. So he thought.

When the man woke up in the fridge at the morgue he was yelling for help. The staff at the morgue was frightened, thinking it was a
ghost.  They called police and when they entered the fridge they saw the man and took him to a nearby hospital for observation. He was later discharged by doctors who said he was fine.

Moral of the story: Call health officials, i.e. paramedics, first before calling the undertaker.

Side note: If I were this man, I would move right away – sounds like his family can’t wait until he is gone!


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