Pot head boy arrested after car chase

Posted on: August 4, 2011

To all of you that say smoking pot is no big deal – look what happened to a 12 year old pot smoking boy. It seems that he and a friend in Santa Fe, N.M decided to steal a car and take the police on a car chase before he rolled the car.

The police said that the boy was high on marijuana and this was not the first run in with the law. The boy was wearing a monitoring
bracelet for previous offense but I guess the marijuana gave him the courage to steal a car with his buddy and go on a joy ride.

The boy rolled the car and tried to flee but was arrested. No one was seriously injured. Now I’m not saying smoking pot made him a
juvenile delinquent, I am saying that marijuana just adds to the boy’s delinquency.

So why are some people trying to legalize marijuana? Whether you are 12 or 21, the effects of pot smoking fries your brain. And yes, even kids can get marijuana just as easily as they can get alcohol. But why make it more easily accessible?


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